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The Sport Always Needs New Volunteers!

Like most equestrian sports, carriage driving depends on a large number of volunteers to help events run smoothly.

No driving event could exist without a huge team of helpers - dressage stewards and writers, marathon timekeepers, obstacle stewards, cones arena and collecting ring stewards, scorers and score collectors - all equally important and essential to the smooth running of a competition.

But it is interesting to consider that over half our existing “hardcore” of regular stewards came into the sport without any prior knowledge of driving; indeed many of them had no previous experience of horses but were drawn in by friends and relatives already involved.

How Can You Help?

The sport is lucky to have the benefit of some very loyal and long-standing stewards - but it is essential that we encourage new people to join us.

If you can help in any way please get in touch with our Volunteer Co-Ordinator Jenny Woodward. Jenny is one of the most important people to know as she gathers stewards and helpers together for every event and works out who goes where and when.

After the event has finished on a Sunday, Jenny and her band of helpers provide delicious home made cakes, tea and coffee for everyone who has helped out through the day. This provides a good post-event meeting place for everyone who has given their time to help run our event and again, is our way of saying thank you for your efforts.

And once each year, in order to show just how much we, as drivers, appreciate all the time that our stewards give to the sport, we treat our volunteers to a special get-together and free lunch at East Keswick Village Hall at the start of each new season.

If you think you would you like to help at an event, or if you have friends who’d like to help, please contact Jenny Woodward on 07941 262627, or alternatively, contact us via the website.

No knowledge or driving or even driving trials is needed and full training will be given in the job! You can even bring your caravan or tent and stay over, enjoying some wonderful countryside and excellent company!