A Premier Affiliated Driving Club
Dedicated To Carriage Driving In The North East


NEDTL Members

If you would like to join NEDTL, please download and fill in this form.

The Benefits Of Membership

Carriage driving is a very friendly sport and we are always delighted to welcome new members. By joining the NEDTL you will have the opportunity to meet up with like minded people and enjoy both the social and competitive side of carriage driving.

Membership of the club brings with it the following benefits:

Third party liability insurance whilst taking part in club activities

Access to a range of competitive activities throughout the year, including two day outdoor events in the summer, arena based one day events and indoor one day events throughout the winter. As a member you will pay a lower entry fee for all of these activities than non-members do

Training events - The club organises a variety of training events throughout the year, aimed at drivers of all abilities. These are only open to club members

The club has no less than four UKcc Level II accredited coaches, all of whom are happy to offer advice and assistance if asked

Members will receive a quarterly newsletter detailing everything that’s going on in the club

Even if you only join as a Supporter, the above benefits still apply.

Certificate of Competence

Members wishing to enter National Novice Singles qualification events must have a completed Competence Certificate signed at three club novice events with a 3 section marathon, either in the current season or the previous two seasons.

You must inform Entries Secretary and the officials of an event - before you start the event - that you want your card signed.

When completed the certificate should be sent to the BC head office to register your eligibility. Blank certificates are available from the Event Secretary or can be downloaded here.

Information regarding progression from single to pair and also to tandem and team can be found in the Assessment Policy which is included in the yearbook.