Sponsored Drive - 26th March

Come and enjoy the lovely spring tracks through Escrick Park, full of birdsong and primroses! At the same time you can raise some money for the extremely worthy cause of Macmillan Nurses.

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NEDTL Membership

NEDTL membership fall due on 31st December 2016.

We're delighted to announced that there will be no increase in membership fees for 2017.

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Dressage Test Change For Open Competitors!

To all open single horse and open single pony drivers, there will be a new dressage test for 2017 which will be driven at club and national.

You can look at and download both the written test and the diagram here.

Fast moving, water-splashing, carriage driving fun with horses and ponies in a growing sport with dedicated followers of all ages!

Horse Driving Trials is unique - Click here to find out more!

It is the only equestrian discipline where you can compete on an equal footing from 10 to 70+, male and female alike, with ponies and horses.

The aim of the NEDTL is to promote the sport and pastime of competition carriage driving and to offer training, instruction, courses, lecture/demonstrations and social events.

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Treasurer Mary Longbottom has asked me to remind everyone, that when writing out your cheques for club activities please make sure you make them out to either "NEDTL" or "North Eastern Driving Trials Ltd". Anything other than these two options results in the bank refusing to take them! Thank you.

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Scorers Clinic - March 2017

A small group of enthusiastic helpers gathered together to take part in a scoring clinic, organised by Barry Hilditch, to train up new scorers and build upon the knowledge of our existing scorers to assist with the smooth running of the events.

The day was led by software writer Mike Watts, who very kindly wrote and provides for free the software some of you may be familiar with which produces our results sheets (amongst many other things - it's quite a clever Excel spreadsheet as we discovered).

The morning was spent having a refresher course (for many) and a speedy crash course for me at least, in the technicalities of scoring - how to calculate a dressage score when all you have is a list of numbers from 1 - 10, how many penalties do you award for a groom down and what exactly is the difference between an error of course and a corrected course.

We then found out the software calculates it all for us anyway (as I said, clever piece of software!) but it's always handy to know just in case.

After a super lunch prepared by Sue Oddy, the afternoon was spent going through a theoretical 2 day event, from the planning stage and drawing up the schedules right through to printing off the final results sheet and posting online.

Having the author of the software on hand to answer our questions, show us easier ways of working and letting us in on some trade secrets when using the spreadsheet will hopefully put our group of scorers in an excellent position for the upcoming summer season and we hope the new recruits will provide some extra backup to our often overlooked existing scoring team.

Scorers Clinic March 2017

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Feedale Farm - 1 Day Event

21st August 2016

Feedale Farm results are up and can be found on the results page!

As a new venture this year, the club organised a one day event for novice and introductory drivers. Kindly hosted by Terry Mason over his land at Feedale Farm, (a gesture which involved him selflessly carving a dressage arena out of a field of the most beautiful clover haylage!), dressage and cones took place in the morning and a short, one stage marathon with four obstacles in the afternoon. Numbers were limited to allow for everything to take place easily within the day but there was still room to allow a couple of open drivers who were bringing on youngsters to compete HC.

With perfect weather and stunning views all around, the dressage kicked off at 10am. Scores were pretty level across the classes with only seven penalties separating the six competitors in the Introductory class. Best of those was Paula Kay who finished on a score of 49.08. Best dressage score of the day however, went to Christine Haddock with the second of her two entries, Mizzy, who scored 43.8 Unfortunately, no one managed a double clear in the cones; Vanessa Brewis was the only person who managed to do the time and Kate Henderson driving Toby went clear, as did Glenys Ellis, driving her homebred youngster Robbie HC.

Competitors briefing took place at 12.30 and the first one set off on the short marathon at 1.30. In the Introductory class, marathon honours went to Bryony Turford which allowed her to overtake Paula Kay, who had the misfortune of a corrected error of course in Obstacle 3. Claire Wright, competing in her first ever event driving Kate Upsall's bay horse, finished in third place. In the Novice Pony class, Mike Charlesworth recorded the fastest time of the day to finish with a marathon score of 34.39 overtaking Kate Upsall who finished second with Marnie Summers in third. In the Novice Horse, Charmian Haigh also had a good marathon driving Connor, which must have made up somewhat for his exuberant behaviour in the dressage! As the other competitor was Wendy Mason, driving her new horse HC, the red rosette went to Charmian.

As the lone competitor in the Small Pony class, Kate Henderson put up a solid performance across all three phases to win on a total score of 98.35 which would have been good enough to stand her in third place out of everybody!

Photos by Emrys Jones



1 Bryony Turford

2 Paula Kay

3 Claire Wright

4 Daniel Stafford

Small Pony

1 Kate Henderson

Novice Pony

1 Mike Charlesworth

2 Kathleen Upsall

3 Marnie Summers

4 Christine Haddock

Novice Horse

1 Charmian Haigh