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Event at Nidd Hall, 15/16 June


With great regret, due to the current farming schedule at Nidd Hall, the Estate is unable to accommodate us for our two day driving event.

Despite strenuous efforts to locate an alternative venue, we have been unable to do so and so it is with great regret that we have had no choice but to take the decision to cancel. We apologise for the disappointment this will undoubtedly cause.

Dressage Test Updates

Please can I remind all of you to check your tests to make sure you've got the right version. A number of tests have been updated for 2019.

We have uploaded these new tests to our dressage tests section although we're still waiting on BC to produce the correct Novice test.

New Vaccination Policy

Further to the recent outbeak of equine influeza, NEDTL will be implementing the following policy from the start of the 2019 season.

For more information please see our policy by clicking the link below.

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Fast moving, water-splashing, carriage driving fun with horses and ponies in a growing sport with dedicated followers of all ages!

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It is the only equestrian discipline where you can compete on an equal footing from 10 to 70+, male and female alike, with ponies and horses.

The aim of the NEDTL is to promote the sport and pastime of competition carriage driving and to offer training, instruction, courses, lecture/demonstrations and social events.

Latest Notices

Manor Grange Arena Challenge Times

Novice......10.30 start

Charmien Haigh
Amanda Axe
Sue Dunne
Melody Jones
Faye O'Hara
Julie Lockie


Ginny Ashford
Steve Hoyle
Leslie Wilkinson
Paula Kay
Abbey Swaine


John Wilkinson

Please bring your passports, these will be checked if you didn't compete at Escrick. Also there will be entry and disclaimer forms to sign available for you to sign if you have not already done so. Rachel's Catering will be on site.

Look forward to seeing you, thank you for your entry.  Should anyone require a late entry please do not hesitate to contact me by text or phone.

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Treasurer Mary Longbottom has asked me to remind everyone, that when writing out your cheques for club activities please make sure you make them out to either "NEDTL" or "North Eastern Driving Trials Ltd". Anything other than these two options results in the bank refusing to take them! Thank you.

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Indoor Driving Event - Askham Bryan, March 2019

Thank you to everyone for helping make the final Askham Bryan event a success today. To John and Leslee for organising, the Potters and Marnie Summers for scoring, Alwin Harrison and Julian Hartley for time keeping and to anyone else I may have missed!

Also, thank you to our loyal competitors for supporting the events!

Results can be viewed here.

Askham Bryan January 2019

Latest Outdoor Event

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Escrick Park 2 Day Event

5th August 2018

Escrick Park results are up and can be found on the results page!

The final outdoor event 2018 season took place at Escrick Park over the weekend of 22/23 September. Despite a dire weather forecast, the rain and heavy winds predicted never materialised and although there was definitely an Autumn chill in the air, the sun shone and conditions were ideal for marathon driving. Around 44 competitors took part to decide not only the class winners but also the Northern Champions and the annual Club points league winners.

Best dressage test, not only in the class, but of the whole event went to Mark Riley in the Intermediate Horse Class, with an impressive score of 39.36 from Arena One judges Margaret Brockie and Angela Flanagan. Mark was the only driver to get a score in the 30s but over all, across both arenas (with Mary Lunn and Ray Brown officiating in Arena Two), 8 drivers posted a score in the 40s, 7 in the 50s, around 18 in the 60s, 6 in the 70s and one poor soul – who shall remain nameless – who suffered two errors of course which unfortunately pushed them over into the 80s!

A technical and testing cones course desiged by Birgitta Kronqvist and entirely suited to a championship event, certainly had a bearing on the final results. Only two people managed a clear round and only one of those did it within the time allowed and that was Mark Carruthers driving his team of four. Overall this year, the Club has not become bankrupt due to having to give out a large number of 'Double Clear' cones rosettes!

This time at the Escrick event, Sec A of the marathon was run in the opposite direction to earlier in the year, which made a nice change for drivers who do this event regularly. Tracks and field margins were in excellent condition after a very dry, hot summer and recent rain. For the first time in a number of years we had a vet at the end of the transfer. Sarah Hunter, from Station House Vets, recorded the equine heart rates of all competitors on arrival and shortly before leaving the halt. This provided interesting and useful information to drivers, although it could be argued that this late in the season, there was no excuse for ponies and horses not being fit enough for the job. However, no one was 'sprung' or held over for extra time to recover so all in all that was good news.

The first obstacle, known historically as 'the sheep pens' was very much benefitting from a make over following the removal of the old shed building and some new perimeter fencing. Allowing for a greater use of space and increased number of options for placing the gates, the new configuration drove extremely well. In the short format class, overnight leader Wendy Mason who was making use of this format following her participation at the National Championships in South Wales the previous weekend, increased her lead on the marathon to win the class from Kate Upsall. In the Novice Pony it was another overnight leader, Ginny Ashford, who has had an excellent season this year, who forged even further ahead to win from dressage leader Joanne Gadsby.

The Club was also hosting the Charriots of Fire Novice Championship at this event and here in what was a nip and tuck event over the first two phases, the overnight lead did change hands. Dressage winner Matthew Powell unfortunately suffered a corrected error of course on the marathon which allowed Charlotte Thompson to take the win from cones leader Sarah Gernie despite a hard charge from marathon winner Graham Smith, who finished in third place.

Lynn Riley won the Novice Horse class, thus adding Northern Champion to her National Novice Champion title, won at Cricklands the weekend before. In second place Melody Jones, who had very nearly managed a double clear in the cones, having done the time but just having one ball down, did an excellent marathon to finish only 7 penalties behind Lynn, with Junior Daniel Stafford in third place.

Entries in the Intermediate classes were thin on the ground, with only two drivers in each. The Pony class was won by Marnie Summers from Sandra Ormerod and the Horse class by Mark Riley from Paul Hart, competing HC with his young horse.

The Open Horse class saw a raiding party from parts further North and a successful one at that! Being very close in the first two phases, Northumberland's Susan Henry was the eventual victor from Margo Smith with Ian Bertram in third, both of whom had made the journey down from Scotland. Only six penalties separated these three drivers.

Open Pony class was another victory for the overnight leader Jane Wilson, who went on to produce the fastest marathon of the day to take the win from dressage leader Birgitta Kronqvist, who produced a good marathon herself and was able to keep the acknowledged marathon specialist Graham Clements in third place.

Teams and tandems was dominated by Mark Carruthers who, as previously stated, was the only competitor to produce a double clear in the cones. Already having a strong lead in the dressage on a score of 49.82, he didn't falter on the marathon to take the win from nearest rival Angie Smith with her pony team and Geoff Brown in third.

In an amalgamated class of horse and pony pairs, Tony Mould was another who banked a good dressage and cones score to allow him to keep the win from Ian Gilbert, who had the edge on him in the marathon. Third place went to Kim Usher with her improving pair of novice ponies.

Photos by Emrys Jones


Short Format

1 Wendy Mason

2 Kate Upsall

3 Peter Carter

4 Penny Hartley


1 Christine Lyte

2 Carol Sayer

Novice Pony

1 Ginny Ashford

2 Joanne Gadsby

2 Christine Haddock

Novice Horse

1 Lynn Riley

2 Melody Jones

2 Daniel Stafford

Intermediate Pony

1 Marnie Summers

2 Sandra Ormerod

Intermediate Horse

1 Mark Riley

2 Paul Hart (HC)

Open Pony

1 Jane Wilson

2 Birgitta Kronqvist

3 Graham Clements

4 Judy Hilditch

Open Horse

1 Susan Henry

2 Margo Smith

3 Ian Bertram

4 Brian Cairns


1 Tony Mould

2 Ian Gilbert

3 Kim Usher

4 John Stafford

Teams / Tandems

1 Mark Carruthers

2 Angie Smith

3 Geoff Brown

Chariots of Fire Novice Championships

1 Charlotte Thompson

2 Sarah Gernie

3 Graham Smith

4 Matthew Powell